Anger Counseling

Therapy and Counseling for Anger

Do you find yourself losing your temper easily? Do the same things bring about a strong or uncontrollable reaction over and over again? Are you hurting those nearest you?

Anger is an emotion, just as sadness and joy are. However, too often, anger is termed “bad”. At Kairos Counseling and Family Therapy, we do not see it anger as bad, but anger as a biological circuit that calls our attention to harm, providing the energy we need for protection.

The Counselling Kelowna has all the tools available for your mental health journey, remember Acknowledgement is the first step, followed by exploration into triggers and the historical meaning behind them. We dig into the core hurts and needs below the surface expression of the anger. Connecting body sensations, thoughts, and emotions, we can create a plan to introduce a new way of reacting and interacting in the world.

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How Does Kairos Anger Counseling and Therapy Work?

We see anger as a protective mechanism against hurts that cannot be acknowledged or shared — anger is an secondary emotion protecting and shielding such emotions as sadness, embarrassment, guilt, shame, disappointment to name a few. 

Utilizing a multimodal approach, we bring cognitive understanding through psychoeducation of the formation and cycle of anger. Utilizing Sandtray  Therapy and EMDR Therapy, we come to uncover the story of the anger. With DeTUR (Desensitizing Triggers and Urge Reduction), a protocol of EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement and Desensitization), we are able to rewrite past stories and provide freedom.