Attachment Trauma Therapy

Therapy and Counseling for
Attachment Wounds​

Do you find yourself struggling with feeling “enough”? Do you find yourself pushing and pulling in relationship with others? Are there moments in your childhood that have left wounds on your heart, negative thoughts in your head, and painful coping behaviors in your toolbox?

The attachment relationship between infant and caregiver lays the foundation for a person’s ability to go forth into the world with confidence and security and to form healthy and loving relationships. Often, though, attachment wounds occur, resulting in anxious and avoidant attachment. Negative defeating cognitions and maladaptive unhealthy behaviors ensue, which look like anxiety, depression, addiction, personality disorders — but this does not have to be where the story ends.
Therapy and Counseling for Attachment Wounds 1

How Does Kairos Attachment Trauma Counseling and Therapy Work?

At Kairos Counseling & Family Therapy, we specialize in treatment of Attachment Wounds, helping those with hurts, living with lies, to find their truth and rewrite their stories. Honoring the pasts of those we work with, giving grace and context to the stories of the generations that have come before, we provide a nonjudgmental, explorative space for one’s inner child to be healed.

Today is the day to begin the journey toward “enough”, to feel worthy of being in relationship with others and to put in place the boundaries that will ensure healthy and loving relationships with self and others.