Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray therapy is “an expressive and projective mode of psychotherapy involving the unfolding and processing of intra‐ and inter‐personal issues through the use of specific sandtray materials as a nonverbal medium of communication, led by the client or therapist and facilitated by a trained therapist” - Homeyer & Sweeney

Why Sandtray Therapy?

Sandtray therapy allows a person to construct their own microcosm using miniature toys and colored sand. The scene created acts as a reflection of the person’s own life and allows them the opportunity to resolve conflicts, remove obstacles, and gain acceptance of self.

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At Kairos Counseling & Family Therapy, we understand that not all healing and growth comes from talk therapy.

  • Is useful in a wide variety of settings: individuals, couples, families
  • Accesses right brain symbols & emotions and implicit memories
  • Brings issues to awareness, explicit memories and left-brain narrative 
  • Contains: naturally provides boundaries and limits
  • Creates a place for the client experience control (control = safety)