Childhood Trauma Therapy

Therapy and Counseling for Early Trauma

Is your child acting out? Anxious? Sad and overly attached? Is he being being bullied? Is she picking on others?

In an ideal world, every child would gain his or her wings throughout childhood, to learn what is possible for his or her world. Tender hearts and minds need a very particular kind of protection and safety to grow them without scars.

Children don’t often have the appropriate words to share their confusions and hurts. Through particular strategies of play therapy and counseling, children are able to connect what their eyes have seen, their ears have heard, and their hearts have written in their minds and bodies.

Therapy and Counseling for Early Trauma

How Does Kairos Childhood Counseling and Therapy Work?

At Kairos Counseling & Family Therapy, we honor the child’s heart, mind, and body in every moment. Through non-directive play, we guide the child to lean into his or herself, fostering a space for the child to explore self and relationship to others, emotion and its connection to body sensation, behavior and action.